IPE decking prices

10 Notables about Ipe Decking Prices, or What Really Matters in Lumber?

ipe decking prices

IPE decking, or Brazilian Walnut, is actually an exotic statement at a truly affordable price, despite being one of the most durable and beautiful hardwoods for outdoor use.

Indeed, a sense of warmth and a feel of elegance, as well as wood hardness and decay resistance, hassle-free upkeep and easy clean can cost reasonably.

What's more, Ipe boards offer a like-new appearance for ages. So, investing once, you save twice.

In fact, lumber pricing is usually a mystery for most people.

Perhaps, this is because the prices vary widely from supplier to supplier, from shipping container to shipping container, from month to month, and even through the same species.

That's why it's essential to get as competent as possible in what really matters for Ipe decking.

Ipe Decking Prices: Standardization Is Impossible

Unluckily or luckily, there are many important criteria, which usually lead to frustration on a part of buyers, contractors, manufacturers, and retailers. Thus, you should stay educated, whatever you are, on the best time & way to buy. Ipe is a truly prime example as an extremely popular decking material.

So, you must be interested in the following elements first of all:

  • Board foot/Lineal foot.
  • Width/Length/Thickness requirements.
  • Specific grade/Grain pattern.
  • Delivery/Pickup.
  • Milling/Moulding needed.


Finished Dimension Grade Nominal Dimension Price
3/4×3-1/2'' Importer 1*4 $6.95
3/4×3-1/2'' Premium 1*4 $8.73
3/4×7-1/4 Wide plank 1*8 $16.19
3/4×5-1/2'' Premium 1*6 $8.42
3/4×5-1/2 Premium 1*6 $7.84
1×3-1/2 Importer 5/4*4 $9.33
1×3-1/2 Premium 5/4*4 $10.03
3/4×5-1/2 Premium 1*6 $9.12
3/4×5-1/2 Premium 1*6 $6.95
1×5-1/2 Importer 5/4*6 $9.78
1×5-1/2'' Premium 5/4*6 $10.59
3/4×5-1/2 Lace Figured Ipe 1*6 $8.58
3/4×5-1/2 Black Ipe 1*6 $8.79

Ipe Decking Prices: Follow 4 Expert Advice & Save!

  1. Once you've chosen an Ipe design for its appearance, stability & low maintenance, start from sizes, before calling suppliers. To find the best match for your own requirements (the sizes and pieces) is probably the key thing. For example, it's possible to pick from various packs from different suppliers. Consequently, each pack will have a certain cost. Besides, 'breaking' even 5 packs for your order adds labor, processing time, more handled lumber and, thus, more chances for damage. So, the price increases to cover this and that cost. The goal is to find the best balance between needed sizes and the cheapest costs.
  2. Also remember that not only the best matched pack may be pricy. This is a common issue that Ipe decking prices greatly climb in the season. Firstly, because of limited supply; secondly, because of rising material costs. Additionally, smaller orders and 'leftovers' in lumber yards always have higher price tags. Therefore, consider these costs too.
  3. Certified lumber can be another factor to significantly increase the overall cost. Moreover, Ipe is usually driven either by availability or sheer demand worldwide. This is the fundamental scenario, though it may be a little different story for different species.
  4. Top surface usually deals with nominal and actual dimension. The boards can be sold in different foot lengths. As for the railing system (standard, top, bottom, etc.), it is a beautiful finish and safety to an existing deck. Speaking of structural components, they also vary.

As you can see, there are many factors, which influence Ipe decking prices. That's the basics for your next wise order and a low cost deal.

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