IPE Hardwood Flooring

Ipe is one type of wood manufacturing tree, which is very renowned to be developed on the Central American or South American regions. The precise pronunciation of Ipe is “EE-pay”. This kind of wood also have numerous of further names, like- Brazilian Walnut, Ironwood or Lapacho and so on.

IPE Hardwood Flooring

The scientific name of Ipe wood is- Handroanthus spp - ipe wood problems. However it is naturally grown only in the Central and South American countries, it is also possible to commercially grow this tree in other parts of the world. The height of tree ranges from 100 to 130 feet and its trunk diameter ranges from about 2 to 4 feet.

Ipe wood can be used both for external and internal matters. As this wood is so much stiff in nature, that is why the use of Ipe wood is very much widely ranged. There is no certain color or shade of this wood.

Color of Ironwood (Ironwood decking) differs from ruddy brown to olive brown, or to dimmer brown or brown/black stripes. Because of being extremely rock-solid, rigid and hearty in nature, ipe wood is enormously used for flooring of households and workplaces. Whether it is a commercial structure or residential house, no difficulty would probably take place in the feature of the wood flooring after heavy and long-term use.

A floor, which is finished from rock-hard Ipe hardwood, would be a sure object to be remarked by every person. If you have some desire to do nailing on your ipe wood flooring, then it is obligatory to do some pre-drilling work. Ipe wood would provide your home or workplace a totally new appearance and new class. Ironwood is becoming an attractive choice to the interior designers nowadays. This wood has a type of natural oil in it, which has made it more hard-wearing than other sorts of wood. So, you can apply Ipe wood (ipe decks) as your floorboards without any hesitation.

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