IPE Hardwood

Ipe is a type of wood producing tree, which is available only in the Central and South America. Ipe is generally pronounced as “EE-pay”. There is another name for this type of wood, the name is- “Brazilian Walnut”.

IPE Hardwood

It is very renowned for being one of the densest hardwoods available in the market. Ipe hardwood is almost three times harder and stronger than Cedar wood. Ipe hardwoods are mainly collected from the Brazilian rainforests. These woods are known for being harder than nails. Some people compare the hardness of this type of wood with steel. Ipe hardwood is so dense, that it is often required to be drilled before connecting it with other pieces.

The durability properties of Ipe hardwood is outstanding. It can last for more than even 25 years, if it used in outdoors. This wood is completely eco-friendly. No harm on environment can be occurred while using Ipe hardwood. It is also resistant to mold, fire and pest. Ipe hardwood resists surface scratches. As Ipe hardwood is extra-ordinarily durable, it is mainly used for outdoor use as decking and siding. Before using for indoor purpose, the Ipe wood is dried in kiln with a view to remove the moisture. If moisture remains on the wood, it helps the wood to warp or crack. This wood has a natural oil in it, which keeps bugs away from it. This feature is similar to Redwood. That’s why, Ipe wood is the first choice for coastal construction. If you want to create holes between any pieces of Ipe hardwood, you must pre-drill the wood first before doing anything. The hardness of Ipe wood is so high, that it is unsuitable for sophisticated woodworking. While buying ipe wood products from any store, please make sure that it is certified by forest wood councils, which certify wood products producing from sustainable sources.

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