8 Features Of Ipe Oil For Fantastic Look Of Hardwood Decks Through Decades

Dense hardwoods such as ipe offer durability along with natural wood's beauty, but their structural density, similar to that of steel, suggests usage of particular finish products along with special techniques of their application.

ipe oil

IPE oil is decking oil of premium class quality that can be applied to hardwood decks, any exterior wooden surfaces, wood railings and fences (IPE decking problems).

Let's look into the benefits of this famous deck finish and learn how to apply it efficiently.

Once you decide to make your deck from ipe, you believe it will serve you pretty forever, because, well, this is ipe.

The truth might be a bit shocking, but without proper maintenance you can't count even for 4-5 years.

Water and UV rays are 2 main enemies of wooden decks and other wooden surfaces for exterior use.

Even the most expensive and chic Brazilian hardwoods will fade out and lose their luxurious rich hue if you don't provide them with some protection and nutrition regularly.

Which Woods Can The Oil Be Applied On?

  • Ipe
  • Cumaru
  • Tigerwood
  • Exotic woods
  • Any hardwoods

Ipe Oil Offers

  1. Thorough penetration for dense hardwoods
  2. Absolutely natural finish
  3. Excellent maintenance and enhancement of natural wood appearance
  4. Preservation of original wood color and natural grain
  5. Conditioning and protection of woods from weathering, warps and cracks
  6. Water repellency
  7. UV barrier
  8. Perfect coverage: over 300 feet per gallon

How To Apply Penetrating Oils On Ipe & Other Hardwoods?

Normally when you work with softer woods, you lay finish products heavily for a better effect, however, this trick won't work with hardwoods. Softer woods do really absorb excesses of oils, whereas hardwoods' fibers would not except a thicker layer of finish, remaining tacky for days and weeks, encouraging mildew formation. Therefore, deck finish is applied to ipe and other hardwoods with a brush, excesses are wiped off. Here are 3 easy steps:

  1. Remove any debris from the surface and rinse it with water. Let it dry completely but don't delay oil application for too long, or your deck will get dirty and you'll have to start everything all over again.
  2. Apply the oil, using a brush or a pain roller to ensure even and fast coverage.
  3. Wipe up any excesses of oil and let your deck dry.

Making your deck a bit darker first time after application, the oil will restore its natural warm wooden hues once it dries completely. After that you are not going to deal with any color shifting (noticeable darkening), mold formation or peeling of the stain even in high traffic areas. Generally the oil is extremely easy to use. It's highly recommended for annual maintenance.

With time any hardwood deck changes its appearance to less saturated. Weathering makes once bright wood silvery gray. Ipe, same like a beautiful woman, ages gracefully. Maintaining your ipe deck every year or two, you would love it with years even more than when it was brand new.

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