IPE Wood Flooring

Ipe is a kind of wood producing tree, which is very well-known to be grown on the Latin American or South American countries. The correct pronunciation of Ipe is EE-pay. This type of wood also have many other names, such as- Brazilian Walnut, Ironwood, Lapacho etc.

IPE Wood Flooring

The scientific name of this tree is- Handroanthus spp. Though it is naturally grown only in the Central and South American countries, it can be also grown commercially in other regions of the world. The tree size ranges from 100 to 130 feet and the trunk diameter ranges from 2 to 4 feet.

Ipe wood is used both for external and internal usage. As this wood is very much solid in nature, that is why the use of Ipe wood is very much diverse. There is no definite color of this wood.

Color of Ironwood varies from reddish brown to olive brown, or to darker brown or brown/black stripes. Because of being very much rock-solid, hard and robust in nature, ipe wood is immensely used for flooring of houses and offices. Whether it is a commercial building or residential building, no problem would possibly occur in the quality of the wood flooring after long-term use.

A floor, which is made from solid Ipe hardwood, would be a sure thing to be noticed by everyone. If you want to do some nailing work on your ipe wood flooring, then it must be required to do some pre-drilling. Ipe wood would give your home or office a completely new look and new class. Ironwood is becoming an appealing choice day by day to the interior designers of these modern days. This wood has a natural oil in it, which makes it more durable than other types of wood. So, you can use Ipe wood as your flooring without having any doubt.

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