IPE Wood Siding

Ipe wood is one kind of durable wood manufacturing tree, which is seen to be grown only in the Central and South American zones.

IPE Wood Siding

But it is also possible to grow it commercially in other regions. The uses of this kind of wood are so many. Ipe wood is frequently used for decking and siding. Among all the wood siding options available in the market, Ipe wood is the best choice. Buildings whose sidings are made with Ipe wood, can maintain their durability even in the most critical environmental condition. Why and how Ipe wood is used as siding is described below in a brief.

Ipe wood is completely natural wood. It is totally free from all types of chemical additives and preservatives. This wood does not need any maintenance.

Ipe wood is extremely resistant from molds and rotting, while other siding options do not have those resistant properties. There is a natural oil, which is found to be grown inside the body of the Ipe wood before cutting from the trees.

The presence of that oil makes the wood much more durable than other woods, which are suitable for being used for siding purpose. Ipe siding woods have the same authentic qualities which are found to be present in the woods of Ipe decking woods.

Ipe wood siding products are totally maintenance free. But you have to do some very common maintenance work on your siding made from Ipe, like- dust and leaves clearing, replacing malfunctioned screws etc. Before installing Ipe sidings, there are some rules and regulations to do that.

It is needed to apply a vapor barrier on the wall with a view to get protection from extra amount of moisture. There are some other rules to be maintained which you can know from the expert about Ipe wood.

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