Ipe Wood Tiles

Ipe is a tough kind of wood. Actually it very much stiff, and that is people call this wood as “Steelwood”. It is indeed tough as steel. This wood is very much suitable to be used as deck tiles.

Ipe Wood Tiles

Ipe wood is not only resistant to rot, but also resistant to weather, mildew and insects. This wood mainly grows in Brazil and the other South American countries. Bui it can also grow on other countries of the world by maintaining some certain conditions. Some great features of Ipe wood deck or ceiling tiles are described below.

Ipe wood is very much fit to be used at both outdoor and indoor. You have to take less protective steps than in the cases of the other types of woods.

The installation steps of Ipe deck tiles are very much simple and quick. It takes almost no excessive accessories like- adhesives or oils in order to install those tiles.

Maximum of the Ipe tiles have a unique self-cleaning property. If we say elaborately, the tiles clean the dirts, dusts, sands fall over it by itself when it rains or blows wind outside.

So, you do not need to spend time to clean the surface of the wood tiles.

Ipe wood also does not need to apply coatings on it. It protects itself from water absorption, swelling and decay by its natural toughness and density. Any type of solid surface is fit for installing Ipe wood tiles over it. You may require some protection mat around the surface of the wood tiles before installing those on your roof.

Ipe tiles are avaialable in the market in different sizes and shapes. You just have to choose the right size for your roof. Do not hesitate thinking about the climate condition, just install Ipe wood tiles over the roof of your house or office.

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