6 Benefits Of Teak Oil Finish For Wooden Surfaces: Let Them Glow & Shine At Fullest!

Rare, expensive dense woods such as teak, mahogany, rosewood, etc. are broadly used in luxurious indoor and outdoor furniture, terraces, cruising vessels above the water line, swimming pool decks, etc.

Teak oil

Wooden surfaces look awesome and serve us fairly if we provide them with proper care. Moisture, sun and time tell on the initial chic appearance of expensive woods and reduce their life. One of the most useful non-toxic products to resist the negative factors, impacting woods, is teak oil.

Is It The Oil, Extracted From Teak Tree?

Absolutely not. This biggest misconception regards this kind of oil for woods. Actually, it's the finish oil for dense woods, including teak.

The oil is a blend of linseed, tung, soya oils and other components to protect wooden surfaces both indoors and outdoors.

This oil possesses a potent penetrating property and is recommended for protection of wood from weathering and other negative factors.

UV rays cause fading out to wooden furniture which is especially noticeable with garden furniture, wooden decks and other wooden items for outdoor use.

The oil contains UV filters, preventing fading.

Besides, it penetrates into the wooden pores deeply yet dries quickly, reducing maintenance time to minimum. Depending on the kind of wood, it's recommended to apply 2-6 layers of the oil to wooden surfaces.

Wooden Surfaces Processed With Teak Oil Gain

  1. Rich warm glow, accent of the wooden structure
  2. 4-6 times more lasting protection for wood, compared to other oils
  3. Resistance towards weathering (moisture and UV)
  4. Restoration of excellent natural wooden appearance even for old furniture
  5. Maintenance of color and appearance for new furniture
  6. Prevention of cracks, peeling and wearing

Usage Tips

The oil is simple to use for both woodworkers and novices. Manufacturers give detailed recommendations on how to use the oil, so study the labels carefully before you begin.

  • Most brands suggest application on dry and clean surface, using any way you find most convenient - wiping, brushing or spraying.
  • Preparation measures include removal of previous coatings, followed by light sanding and wiping with white spirit.
  • Test finish on a small area before you start processing the whole surface.
  • Apply the oil into grain, using a soft dry cloth and wipe off excesses.
  • Let the first coat dry and apply another layer. It's usually recommended to leave each coating to dry completely overnight, although on average a coat dries within 6 hours in case of good weather conditions.
  • 3 coats normally provide sufficient protection.

Aggressive environmental factors will no longer threat your wooden surfaces. The oil for teak and other dense woods is an excellent option for a safe and ecological finish, designed to extend the life of wood, boost its appearance and performance.

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