5 Major Advantages Of Decking Oil For Quality Annual Maintenance Of Your Timber Deck

Wooden decks look stunning, serve fairly long and feel fantastic to bare feet.

Decking Oil

Your timber deck will remain a feast for the eyes for decades with regular annual maintenance.

Oil for woods is easy to apply, while when applied correctly, it will serve you for a whole year, preserving that stunning natural look of your wooden deck.

How Does The Timber Benefit From Decking Oil?

  1. Enhancement of natural color. Oil for decks provides a semi-transparent matt finish that enhances natural wood's hues.
  2. Nourishment and protection. It offers timber the optimal level of nourishment and protection from harsh weather conditions.
  3. An anti-aging effect. Wood ages same like people. Once rich warm wooden hues turn grey from weathering and time. Oil for woods inhibits wood aging.
  4. UV, moisture and mould-resisting properties. Eliminating wood's major enemies, oil for woods makes your deck look excellent between coats.
  5. A long-lasting effect. Oil finish is normally applied once a year.

Oils for timber decks contain vital plant oils and extracts, bees wax, natural color enhancers and usually come in a variety of hues from clear through natural to slightly darkish timbers.

You can opt for the tint the most suitable for a specific kind of wood.

How To Treat Your Decks With Decking Oil?

  • You may cover both new and weathered decks with oil. New timber needs 4 to 6 weeks to weather before being treated with oil.
  • Light sanding is recommended for new timber to eliminate any grain raise. Weathered timber can also be sanded to get rid of stains. All sanding has to be removed before you apply oil.
  • Clean your deck with sugar soap to remove dirt and/or previous coatings. If there's mould present anywhere on the deck, it needs to be processed with bleach.
  • Rinse the surface with water and let it dry thoroughly.
  • Check weather forecasts to do works on a fine sunny day. Check if the surface is ready to be coated with oil by sprinkling water over it. A ready surface will absorb water, while water beads indicate that the previous coatings haven't been removed. Oil is applied to bare clean timber.
  • You can apply oil either with a floor applicator or a quality synthetic brush. Work into the grain. Make sure you coat the edges and end grain thoroughly. Leave the surface to dry. Check the instruction for how many hours you should allow between coatings.
  • Apply another coating. Allow it to dry and consider whether you need a third coat. It's usually recommended for porous timbers in humid areas and/or areas with full sun exposure.

Popular Brands Of Oils For Wooden Decks

  • New Look
  • Cabot's
  • Feast Watson
  • Ronseal
  • Wickes
  • Organoil

Oil for woods is a luxurious treatment for your timber deck. Its numerous benefits, excellent durability and high performance breathe a new life into wooden surfaces for outdoor use.

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