IPE Wood Deck

Ipe wood is one of the world famous durable type of wood producing trees, which grown in the Central and South American regions. Due to huge development in agriculture, it is observed to commercially grow Ipe trees outside those above mentioned zone.

IPE Wood Deck

This wood can be applied to so many versatile uses. Among those uses, using as decking and siding is the most frequently chosen area of usage nowadays. Ipe wood is very much strong and stiff in nature. The density of this wood also very much rich in comparison with the other available woods in the market. Here the uses of Ipe wood deck is described below.

Ipe is an exotic hardwood, which can last forever if you use it in proper manner. It is now guaranteed that you can use Ipe wood in decking purposes upto 20 years without using any kind of preservatives.

The very common trade names of Ipe hardwood are- Ironwood, Pau Lope, Diamond Decking and so on.

There are also other names like- Amapa, Cortez, Lapacho Negro, Tahuari etc. This wood has some superior properties and characteristics, which have made it exceptional and distinguished from others.

To install an Ipe decking system is a very seamless process, if you have necessary accessories, tools and hardware with you.

As Ipe woods naturally comes with high density and stiffness, so you must need pre-drilling equipment and carbide blades.

Those things are highly recommended by experts if you want to perfectly install an Ipe wood decking system. Though Ipe wood is outstandingly durable, it is required to do some general maintenances especially when it is used externally. The things which are exposed and depended on the conditions of climate, are cannot be free from maintenance. You just have to clean the surface of your Ipe deck regularly and clean the dry leaves away over it.

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