Ipe Railing: How To Dress Up Your Awesome Ipe Deck?

To make a raised or multi-level deck a safe system requires secure and stable railing.

ipe railing

Ipe railing is safe, visually appealing and durable.

It's a perfect solution for a luxurious hardwood deck that will last for years with minimum maintenance. Hardwood railing systems are available in a rich variety of designs and dimensions to meet tastes and demands of any home owner.

Why Ipe?

Ipe is Brazilian hardwood, one of the strongest in the world, an excellent choice for hardwood railing because it offers:

  1. Extreme density of steel
  2. Sturdiness, toughness
  3. Warm natural wooden hue
  4. UV, mold, termite and fungi resistance
  5. Natural imperviousness to water
  6. Much fewer scratches, splinters or warps than on any other woods

Drop a piece of ipe into water, and you'll see it sink as a coin.

It's twice stronger than oak.

Excellent density of ipe is bound to its durability, resistance towards aggressive environmental factors and high performance.

Ipe can be used successfully in near water applications and requires low maintenance.

It has been tested by time in many commercial projects, a worthy choice indeed.

What Makes A Perfect Deck?

A perfect deck is the place where you love to spend hours admiring beautiful weather, your gorgeous backyard and breathing fresh air. So, when planning a deck, think well of how to make it comfortable, aesthetically appealing and safe. What makes it perfect? Sturdy quality boards you walk on plus secure railing. Railing is, certainly, a focal point of your deck. Among a variety of exotic hardwoods ipe in both cases is beyond competition. It's an investment in quality.

There were times when railing components for decks were mainly made by enthusiastic woodworkers. Today there's a variety of stores, both brick-and-motor and online ones to order quality labor-saving railing components at good prices.

Ipe Railing: To Order Decking Components Or Make Your Own Railing?

Railing is used to dress up the perimeter of your deck to convey an elegant look and feel. It includes:

  1. 4 x 4 Ipe posts
  2. 2 x 2 Ipe Balusters
  3. Ipe subrail
  4. 2 Ipe Rail Cap profiles (Flat or Sculpted Rail)

Modern railing is designed with hidden fastening system, so no nails or screws can be visible when a railing system is put together. Posts are normally spaced between 8-10 inches apart. A special feature of railing from ipe is no finish. Rich color enhancement of ipe decks is achieved with ipe oil, special oil finish for hardwoods. Normally they allow between 4 and 6 weeks for new timber to weather before it can be coated with decking oil or decking ipe oil. Ipe oil is a perfect protection for exotic hardwoods against harsh weather conditions and wood aging.

If you still want your deck to be one of a kind, why not create your own ipe deck railing design? Set you imagination free or get inspired by original ipe decks designs, generously shared by skilled craftsmen online.

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