IPE decking problems

IPE Decking Problems: Are There Any? Or 5:0 in Favor of Benefits

ipe decking problems

As a deck wood, Ipe is probably next to perfect.

The structures from this beautiful exotic lumber are unbelievably strong and naturally resistant to weather, rot and abrasion.

They are 2 times denser and 5 times harder than most woods.

On top of all that, IPE decking has the highest fire rating of A class, which is also given to concrete and steel!

As a result, this type of wood lasts endlessly, bringing immemorial beauty to either interior or exterior.

So, what is not to like? Well, looking at pros & cons of ipe deck material, it's up to you whether to find any ipe decking problems or not.

5 Tremendous Characteristics of Ipe Lumber From Forestry Specialists

+ Ipe decking is a traditional outdoor choice due to its 'immunity' to any attack.

+ Ipe lumber comes in naturally long lengths and knot free items, offering almost no warping.

+ Ipe is a truly strong and high density tropical hardwood. Ipe decks last 75+ years, standing the test of time and aging beautifully.

+ Ipe materials are also prized for beautiful coloration & natural exotic graining, ranging from light chocolate and olive brown to almost blackish colors.

+ Ipe can boast low maintenance, being indifferent to decay and insects. To keep rich original colorations, either oil finish can be applied or decking can be just aged gracefully.

Ipe Decking Problems vs. Composite Decking Benefits: Truth or Myth?

Actually, there is a lot of misinformation to convince unsuspecting public about Ipe decking. No doubt that compared to composite decking, the 'Brazilian Walnut' one is a much better value, eco-friendliness and durability. The thing is that numerous companies pay money for making obviously competitive and truly reliable products full of defects and issues. So, this is high time you knew 'Ipe decking problems' truth.

- Dense and hard Ipe decking is never prone to rot, decay, mildew, mold, fungus and disintegration, compared to porous and watery composite decking.

- Ipe decking is 100% natural hardwood, but not plastic & the like. That's why it can last for over a century with really no maintenance required.

- Ipe decking weathers to unbelievable hues naturally.

- Nowadays, Ipe wood is much more affordable than any composite decking.

- Composite decking is probably the most environmentally destructive industry practice, because of plastic.

Proper Installation Is the Best Prevention of Ipe Decking Problems

There won't be any decking problems with Ipe, if you choose the following basics:

  • Premium/clear grade decking.
  • End sealers before decking installation.
  • Deck oil finishes.
  • Deck fastening systems.
  • Properly straightened bowed deck boards.
  • No rush in the whole installation process.

Hopefully, all these facts will definitely help you to make your informed decision. Now move ahead with building an eye-catching and long-lasting deck. Not for nothing, Ipe is so fast becoming the smartest choice for decking!

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